Thursday, August 21, 2014

Review: Little Bird Lost

Little Bird Lost
By Kate Larkinson
Photos by Steve Larkinson

Page count: 24
Age: Infant through beginning reader

Colorful and Poetic 

The photographs of this book match the text perfectly as readers follow the story of a baby bird hidden in the nest behind its rivalling siblings. The lost baby is out of sight of Mom and Dad when mealtime arrives. Readers follow the journey of finding the baby bird in beautifully captured, crisp photographs with perfectly matching, rhyming text. The photographs and poetry will captivate a child while bringing a smile to the adult reader. It’s a colorful, poetic journey for infants through beginning readers.   

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Review: Piggy

By Karen Malena

Page count: 103
Age: Middle Grade (also appropriate for younger children)

An Animal Story with True Heart 

Within the first few pages of Piggy, readers are introduced to the world of Piggy the cat and her best friend Melvin the mouse. Narrated by a mother cat named Goober, telling the tale to her rescue kitten Peanut, the story moves from Piggy and Melvin's budding friendship because of an incident in a claw-machine to the exploration of their backyard and the interesting characters they meet. These characters include Bolivar, an angry bully of a tomcat, Rolf, an old German Shepher and retired K-9, and a fleet of rescue birds led by a robin known only as Corporal. Piggy and Melvin survive a move into a new house together and the adventures that soon follow.  

The world of the cat and mouse is clearly described with use of great detail that appeals to all of the senses, and some bigger words are used to help expand a young child’s vocabulary. It is a middle grade book, but it is appropriate to read to younger children as well.

Much happens in this story. There are the adventures of Piggy and Melvin, discovering what it means to be true friends, and the curiousity of Peanut, who has dealt with rejection and  tough times as a rescued runt. A familiar moral is explained subtly but in a new light by Goober--that it’s not the outward appearance that matters most, it’s the heart.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets

The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets
By Stanley & Katrina

Page count: 106
Age: K-4

An overbearing but polite housecat and a contented dog share a house and owners. After three years of living in the same home, they begin exchanging letters instead of talking to each other. Katrina von Cat, the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge, is a gray tabby cat and self-appointed character judge. Stanley, a rottweiler/lab mix is simply happy being a dog and eating Katrina’s food. The exchanged letters cover a slew of topics, from Katrina taking Stanley to Kitty Court, to the duo’s first experience in a pet show.  

The book is very creatively written in its format and style, as the letters are written from the perspective of the animals and interspersed with narrator text. The salutations and closings of the letters are clever and funny. They left me laughing several times. 

Overall it was a quick and entertaining read. I recommend it for a parent to read aloud or for a beginning reader to try on their own. It is truly an original for animal lovers. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reviews of Other Animal Stories for Children

Since the creation of this blog, I have posted solely about my animal stories for children. I've written about the animals, the inspirations and my current journey through indie publishing. But there's only so much readers want to read about my books. I am going to expand this blog to include other animal stories for children. I am writing reviews of other indie children's books that feature animals and their stories. I will not post any negative reviews here. If I don't recommend it, I won't post it.

Besides giving insight into my books and writing, I also want this blog to be a means to encourage parents to read to their children by helping them navigate the many books available now for children. Please stay tuned, the first review is almost ready! In the meantime, here is the most recent review of my second book, Odie's Best Friend, courtesy of Lisa Hayes of Kabuki Reads and Kabuki Helps.    

Review of Odie's Best Friend, by Lisa Hayes of Kabuki Helps